Tantric massage Olomouc

Luxuriously equipped massage rooms with air conditioning await you. Thanks to this, you will not be hot in summer and in winter you will not freeze during the massage. We provide top-quality tantric and relaxation massages and now also offer courses and training for individuals, couples and groups. We make sure our premises are cosy, warm, and as clean and comfortable as possible. We pride ourselves on professionalism and a classy approach.


Our studio in Olomouc

Tantra massage Olomouc

You can make an appointment with us using the phone number, email or contact form. You can find our studio in Letecká Street. The entrance is very easy to find.

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Our masseurs

TantraMantra is a safe space where you can rest. At least for a moment, you can drop all your normal roles and just be yourself. All of our massage therapists are certified, professionally trained and have overlap into a wide range of other massage and therapeutic techniques. We are always improving and expanding our range of services. So you won't have the same experience over and over again, but you can move with us.


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Today I'm massaging - 

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Today I'm massaging - 

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Sleva na tantrické masáže

Speciální akce

Sleva 300 Kč

na tantrické masáže!

Využijte naši slevu 300 Kč na všechny tantrické masáže!

Prázdninová sleva na masáž: Získejte 300 Kč Slevu na Masáž!

Milí zákazníci,

Využijte naši slevu 300 Kč na Tantrickou masáž. Sleva se vztahuje pouze na masáže 120 minut a delší.


Sleva ve výši 300 Kč platí pouze pro rezervace 3 - 7 července . Nabídka se vztahuje pouze na rezervace na daný dny a není možné ji využít pro termíny rezervované na pozdější datum.

Jak slevu využít?
Během rezervace v našem on-line systému napište do poznámky SLEVA 300, anebo nám napište SLEVA 300 během rezervace do e-mailu. Pokud se rezervujete telefonicky, nahlaste nám tento kód během hovoru.

Booking the date

Write to us with a request for a date.

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